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Needlepoint at
An inspiring resource, with practical information about stitches, yarns, patterns and much, much more.

All About Needlepoint Belts
A resource directory about needlepoint belts, plus many other pages about belts of all kinds.

American Needlepoint Guild
An educational, non-profit organization. The only criteria for membership are a love of needlepoint and a desire to learn more.

The National Needlework Association
An international trade organization representing companies specializing in upscale needlearts products and supplies.

Nuts About Needlepoint
Janet Perry's indispensible needlepoint newsletter for stitchers of all levels. Whatever you need, Janet will hook you up.

Caron Collection
Caron offers classes, free patterns, designer spotlights and much more

DMC manufactures a wide variety of needlework threads, including their famous Embroidery Floss and many specialty threads.

Needlepoint USA
Firefly Designs in the UK - tapestry, needlepoint and needlecraft kits.

Maggie & Co.
Maggie and Company provides original hand painted needlepoint canvases.

Back Bay Needlepoint
An international selection of unique hand painted canvases, needlepoint threads and accessories.

Associated Talents
Associated Talents has been providing imaginative needlepoint canvases to retailers since 1982. Enjoy their Gallery and let us know if there's anything we can order for you.

Canvas The Point
This Pittsburgh gallery showcases the needlpoint canvases of many unique artists. NeedlepointHeaven can order almost anything you see here.

Discount Needlework
Tight budget? Discount Needlework offers quality stitchery at bargain prices.

JP Needlepoint
A wholesale needlepoint company specializing in original hand-painted canvases.

Quilter's Warehouse
Order fulfillment for leading quilting pattern designers to customers and quilt shops, featuring quilting products and quilting fabrics.

top 100 cross stitch and needlepoint sites encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches
A great site for expanding your skills, including directions and diagrams for almost any stitch you can think of (and probably some you've never heard of).

Embroiderytop - best sites of embroidery
Directory to many unique embroidery resources.

Crafter's List
Cross-stitch and Needlepoint resources.

Classic Cross-stitch
Cross-stitch information, history and products. A nice, and thorough stitcher's resource.

Needlepoint by Samantha Taylor
Offering needlepoint kits and canvases based on historical European to contemporary designs.

Bloodhound Network
Sniffing out the best content on the web - needlepoint page

Treasured Tapetries
Cross-stitch needlework designs from the art of Dianne Durgan Sobolewski.

Beth Russell Needlepoint
Needlepoint kits based on the designs of William Morris and the Victorian Arts and Crafts Movement. Needlepoint cushions, rugs, wall hangings, miniatures and firescreens from author and designer Beth Russell.

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