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How to
Michelangelo's Creation
Quick Tips
  1. It is always a good idea to try to work each strand of yarn to the end rather than wind up with leftover bits of wool six or eight inches long.

  2. Skip across the back of the canvas to an area that is empty rather than cut and start again. Do this by weaving through the back of the canvas through other stitches.

  3. Always start in the upper right hand corner of your canvas and work toward the center.

  4. Develop your own rhythm. Make your stitches neat. Try to keep you stitches even... so as to display an even surface.

  5. Canvases can be repaired, so don't fret if your dog chews on your needlepoint. It is not too hard to put a new piece of canvas over the torn place and to stitch over the two layers. Be sure to keep the mesh of the two layers of canvas lined up with each other.

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