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This part of NeedlepointHeaven we bring you articles, stitching tips, frequently asked questions and other helpful "bits and pieces". This is the place where we can all share our knowledge and our love of this marvelous craft. You can reach us about all things needlepoint through the feedback form at the bottom of this page. Let us know what would help you with your projects, or pass on some tips and tricks you've discovered.

Our Purpose to bring the joy of needlepointing to the consumer through instruction and fine quality products. It is a craft that has been handed down through the generations, creating an item that is both beautiful and priceless because of intense detail and effort by the needlecrafter. We hope to educate, exchange ideas, and strengthen your knowledge of this wonderful tradition.

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An Overview of Needlepoint

Needlepoint is a type of embroidery worked on a cotton or linen mesh with a blunt needle. This mesh, called a canvas, may be printed with a pattern, or original patterns may be created by he individual.

There are a variety of yarns that may be suitable for this type of craft. Wool, cotton, or silk yarns are most popular. Sometimes a combination of these yarns may be used on a single canvas.

There are several different types of stitches that are use in needlepointing. The most common and widely used are the basketweave and the continental.

Our Yarn Service

We pride ourselves in picking the exact combination of colors for your canvases, as well the finest wool.

When you ask us to choose your yarn, we also include FREE INSTRUCTION sheets along with 2 needles. The canvas has 18, 13 or 10 holes per inch. This number is the mesh size is displayed by each of our canvases. The more holes, the smaller the detail of the design. Our yarn selections will take this into account.

Our staff is here to help you in your every need. No task is too small or too large for us to assist you with. We value our customers and, together with your input, we hope to be your number one site for all your needlepoint needs.

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